Prove It

by vxD.E.D.xv

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    Songs I wrote between 2003 and 2005 with some close friends.

    Thanks to: Andrew Escobedo, John (ChooChoo) Shoemate, Matt (Mojeda) Ojeda, Chris (Crucial) Ditchosa, Antonio (Tony Hollywood) Cital, Boom and the Big Liver.

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Recorded in 2004 by Scott Crouse at the Sweatbox.


released December 5, 2010

Daniel Dominguez - Lead vox/Guitar/Bass
Andrew Escobedo - Backup vox/Guitar
John Shoemate - Drums

Gang vox performed by an assortment of friends including Chris Ditchosa, Justin Watt, John Shoemate and Boomer Martinez



all rights reserved


vxD.E.D.xv Fresno

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Track Name: Prove It - Prove It
with every promise spoken, there is potential.
those words are nothing until you. (prove it)
don't just speak it, don't just preach it.
don't just speak it, go and do it.
with every promise spoken, there is potential.
those words are nothing until you. (prove it)
we all can talk, but who here can prove it.
we call can speak of what we are, but it is lies until you can prove it.
you all can speak of what you are, but it's all lies until you can prove it.
Track Name: Reality Tv
...and once again, we're all guilty.
tongues green and our hands filthy (x2)
from jealousy and self conscious critisizm.
failing to unite due to pompous cynicism.
shut those traps before catching more than one can handle.
it aint no fun when the homies act dumb.
won't make you bright if you just stare at the sun.
we can stay of get voted out one by one.
Track Name: Abercrombie and Deathmetal
its blood season and guts are so out.
pick up that hot new look, it's blood season and guts are so out.
don't worry it's only a sound like listening to cinema.
it's like listening to autopsies.
imagination, exaggeration, the diction of fiction.
show me what it is you live.
this is just some scenes and quotes.
your words are only grunts and growls.
your words are only squeals and howls to me.
sword wielding teens? yeah right.
Track Name: Discount Cigarettes, Liquor and Deli
everything we stand against.
you deserve just what you get. (x2)
we should all be judged by performance, because right now the mannequins are winning and they can't even dress them selves.
since we're in this contest, our penalties should be noticed.
personalities demoted in a fit of jealousy.
longing for control and living on impulse.
giving an insult, instead of nodding your head politely.
conflict is likely, though we act quite rightly.
keep it to words until a point is made.
be humble, withdraw, witness your fall.
Track Name: Excusing Excuses
took your label and accepted it.
stood by it as well as the x'd guy.
you were never afraid to present your pride.
not looking back you've chosen a side.
what happens when reality weighs you down?
does it weaken your ideals?
sick of seeing how it feels?
needing a way to escape.
another wrong turn it's too late.
how will you explain this to your self?
now look at this mess that you made.
back in the same pain it's just another phase.
how will you explain this? (you face the truth)
and why must you?
it's a true sign of guilt.
how will you explain this to me?
you make yourself feel right by any means now.
you're no longer the one you knew before.
Track Name: Gay is Not an Insult
what's with all this ignorance?
why hold a grudge?
none of us are in a jury, so you have no right to judge.
check yourself and every insecurity you hide.
respecting no one else does not coincide with pride.
there is not one legitimate excuse for this verbal abuse but your own belligerence.
these folks have always been here.
excluding them is not deliverance.
i'm diligent with my cause.
this is the way they love, it's not a flaw.
these slurs will not be recognized.
Track Name: Go for Broke
go for broke.
you can take your goals and you can succeed.
just know that with out action every thought is just a dream.
keep doin it right with your target in sight.
if you feel it's just, then it's your right.
surroundings are simply a setting for your one man show.
so why waste energy on that of which has no true effect?
which means it does nothing if all you give it is neglect.
and all the flack you catch is just a lack of respect.
so gather all the courage you can collect and go.
go ahead and do what you do.
do what you must, no matter what.
go for broke.
Track Name: High School Trend
what i keep runs straight through my veins. (edge)
it's my life it's not just a claim.
call it cliche, call me generic, but if i can't be drug free, i can't be me.
i've said it before and i'll say it again.
i'll hold my truth until the end.
this is not just another one of those high school trends.
Track Name: I Would Rather Suffer
i would rather suffer and struggle for the rest of my days, than participate in the prey of the innocent.
ignorant to the fact it's not crucial to survival.
justifications missing so you hide behind your bible.
i'll take the title and uphold it to the best of my ability.
when we consume we assume responsibility for the means of production.
ignorantly taking part in the exploitation and corruption.
i would rather suffer.
brought up to lead an unconscious line.
one way from start to finish.
continue off the cliff or mentally diminish.
i would rather suffer, knowing that i'm hurting less.
so i changed.
Track Name: Impulse
your only true mistakes.
thought of as involuntary, but it's under your control.
emotions the catalyst and vicea versa.
the bloody, sweaty, fiery circle of life and death.
what's left at the end is a lifeless shell.
spent and put under the more important of the waste.
let us not burden the ones we love, with the finishing of our cycle.
we all started with heat and we should end in fire.
if it all began with warmth, why do you live so cold?
if it all began with warmth, how could you live so cold?
this world has become a container for a cluttered past.
it's all reusable or toxic.
progress increasing these toxins, the toxins that hinder all progress.
back to the blood, sweat and fire, fueled by so many innocent tears.
....and so on with your cycle.
Track Name: Murder is No Longer Survival
this barbaric way of life is out dated.
murder is no longer survival.
convenience is only obtained at a cost.
it makes it wrong, when it costs lives.
abusing the power that you have.
the boomerang is on it's way around, but how will you catch it with all the blood on your hands?
there's no concrete reason to rape these beings anymore.
your dependence is voluntary.
my resistance is necessary.
Track Name: Name Game
we were all given names.
born labeled by our looks so it's all the same.
i've chosen mine. so hows that lame?
whether you're playing or not you're still in the game.
you call it abiding, i call it siding on a higher road.
it's a lighter load to carry, so i marry myself with the commitment that i'll hold true.
this commitment is the one thing that remains constant in my process of progress.
we hold ourselves to a higher standard, while you generation lives lawless.
why must you live this way?
i will not live that way.
why must they live this way?
i will not live that way.
i'll hold the label, stand together and be proud to call your self straight edge.
Track Name: Why Are You Here?
you represent to the fullest and that's just fine with me.
drive for miles to see a bigger band, now picking on us must make you feel like a bigger man.
coming into our scene, but we're not acting here.
you're seeing pacifism as fear.
you got the wardrobe.
hitting every step without a flaw.
you've done a number for us.
it's that why you're here?
why are you here now?
is it to show off?
Track Name: Pirates vs. Ninjas
why compare?
whe even associate?
can't be in same place with different backgrounds?
why not?
why even associate?
why not?
how about we place our bets?
why don't we show our hands?
pay to play and ante up.

and all the pirates go.
half blind, stumblin, sword swingin villans.
they're striving for what others have, just keep on diggin.

and all the ninjas go.
stealty, swift, star throwing phantoms.
their faces covered.
they can only see and then react.

why not stand together?
why not move together?